Pin Park "Kajtek" - music video, 2018

Ruby Karinto "Fox wedding" - music video, 2018

KRISTEN - February 2018 Tour Trailer

_N_A__G___R____A_ EMITER, 2018

Pin Park & kinoMANUAL live in Entropia Gallery, 2018

Lotto "VV" - album trailer, 2017

Pin Park "KrautPark" - album trailer, 2017

Pin Park "Krautpark" - music video, 2017

"letters.EHO" - animation with music by Pin Park, 2016

"the Score" - animated visual score made from a 16 mm non-camera film, which became a base of music and animation for "Letters.EHO" movie, 2016

Kristen, "Salto" - music video based on the documentary "The Olympics in Mexico" (1968) directed by Alberto Isaac edited by kinoManual, 2016

Kristen, "Las" - album trailer, 2016

Lotto, Pointing to a Marvel - music video, 2016

„2”, from "leaves and letters.LETTERS" cycle
animation with music by Pin Park

artificial by nature TEST - taraxacum flower
Project about describing and transforming nature by humans. This artistic images - artificial by nature - are always incomplete, often false. In addition completely useless for everything except human beings.

non-camera TEST
frames made by cutting ploter and laser device