kinoMANUAL is a small, independent audio-visual production house focused on experimenting with the moving image and sound. We mainly explore analogue animation techniques such as hand-drawn, cut-out or direct cinema. We enjoy manual contact with film and production process itself. kinoMANUAL creates films and objects that correspond with a rich tradition of moving images, kinetic art and experimental cinema.

kinoMANUAL to mała, niezależna manufaktura audio-wizualna, skupiona na eksperymentowaniu z ruchomym obrazem i dźwiękiem. Eksplorujemy głównie analogowe techniki poklatkowe: animacja rysunkowa, wycinanka, non camera. Lubimy kontakt tworzywem, którego używamy. kinoMANUAL to filmy i obiekty, które chcą korespondować z bogatą tradycją ruchomych obrazów, sztuki kinetycznej i kina eksperymentalnego.

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27 IV 2019
"25/25" won III Prize during O!Pla Polish Animation Festival
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see O!Pla website / 2019 competition winners

Pin Park + kinoMANUAL on TOUR in UK
2 V - Tankstation - Enschede (NL) see info
3 V - The CUBE Microplex - Bristol (UK) see info
5 V - Flatpack Festival - Birmingham (UK) see info
7 V - Star & Shadow - Newcastle upon Tyne (UK see info
8 V - Soundgas.com
9 V - Iklectik - London (UK) see info

17 V 2019
Milky Medium performance by kinoMANUAL
during WRO 2019 Media Art Biennale in the BAKERY / Wrocław
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IV 2019 /// "25/25" - the Best Polish Film at 9th IAFF ANIMOCJE
Jury statment: For the best Polish film, we award an independent experimental short.
Engaging, watchable, expertly animated, and reminiscent of constructivism, this abstract piece also has excellent sound design.
see ANIMOCJE - competition winners


01.12.2018 /// KAJTEK by kinoMANUAL (music video of Pin Park)
will be screened during LIAF London International Animation Festival 2018
see details

07.12.2018 ///Pin Park + kinoMANUAL LIVE
SpaceFest! Festival, Gdańsk
see details

13.12.2018 /// 25/25 by kinoMANUAL will be screened during Piccolo Festival Animazione 2018, Pordenone, Italy Visual&Music program

25-28.10.2018 /// Punto y Raya Festival 2018 in Wrocław (Poland)

"Animated with only 25 drawings, this film is literally a playground for abstract narration. By exploring its limitations, it develops joyful multiple stories that are complemented by both, diegetic and abstract sounds."
Punto y Raya 2018

09-31.01.2018 /// kinoMANUAL: Site-Specific Animation - exhibition in Entropia Gallery, Wrocław
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03.12.2017 /// kinoMANUAL ‘Direct’ Animation Experimental Workshop at London International Animation Festival
see LIAF website
Direct filmmaking workshop by kinoManual /// see the result movie

26.10.2017 /// Pin Park + kinoMANUAL live /// KRAUT NIGHT #1 /// BARdzo bardzo club, ul. Nowogrodzka 11Warszawa
see the details

05.2017 /// New album trailer made by kinoMANUAL!
see the video
Pin Park's debut album "Krautpark" out in May 2017 on Instant Classic.

05.2017 /// The first official music video of "Krautpark" made by kinoMANUAL.
see the video

20.04.2017 /// letters.EHO screened during the Best of Punto y Raya 2016 at The Exploratorium, San Francisco
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26.04.2017 /// "2" with a soundtrack of Pin Park will be screened at ANIMOCJE Film Festival in Bydgoszcz.
The New Polish Animation competition.
Program of the competition here

18-23.04.2018 /// At the O!pla Polish Film Festival you could see "2" and "Pointing to a Marvel" (Animated Videoclip competition).
"letters.EHO" and "Le Sol" will be screened in Formanimy competition.
see details


photo by Larry Cuba from fb/puntoyraya

09.2016 /// We would like to very proudly announce that letters.EHO by kinoManual (Aga Jarząb/animation and Pin Park/music) won third (yellow) prize on Punto y Raya Festival!!!
"A well designed film that makes creative use of, and expands on, direct on film aesthetics."

Letters.EHO is based on visual score which was originally a 16 mm non-camera film
letters.EHO can be seen here:
and the Score here: