02/2019 MILKY MEDIUM // audio-visual performance in The New Sace Galllery of Filmverkstaden,Vaasa, Finland

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01/2018 kinoMANUAL: Site-Specific Animation, exhibition in Entropia Gallery, Wrocław, Poland

animations, installations, optical objects, performance
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09/2017 DOUBLE LINE, group exhibition in Tokyo, Japan

exhibition in Art Trace Gallery contains "Milky medium" by Maciek Bączyk and "rightover leftover" by Aga Jarząb
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03/2017 DRAWING IN A HURRY, group exhibition in Riga, Latvia

exhibition at Art Academy of Latvia contains "Sound negative" art instalation by Maciek Bączyk and "2" animation by Aga Jarząb
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09/2016 SOUND AT NISSAN, a weekend with Sound Art along the Nissan river in Halmstad, Sweden

exhibition in Hallands Konstmuseum
contains "Deep in the image" film and objects
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06/2016 14 SURVIVAL Art Review "Workroom", Wrocław, Poland

"Table" - drawing object and installation by Aga Jarząb and Stanisław Jarząb, curator: Maciek Bączyk
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05/2016 RYTUAŁ "Substytuty", group exhibition and art/music festival in Wrocław, Poland

"2" from "leaves and letters.LETTERS" cycle
animation by Aga Jarząb, music by Pin Park
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01/2016 kinoMANUAL, Kino Gallery in Wrocław, Poland

"Frame Footage" by Maciej Baczyk
"Artificial By Nature" by Aga Jarząb
"Bittersweet Rhythms" by Maciej Baczyk & Aga Jarzab
"letters.EHO" by Aga Jarząb
"Short film about the Cosmos" by Maciej Baczyk
foto from opening

2015 Dźwięko-Działka

Non-camera workshop on art meeting in Wschowa, Poland
Excerpts from workshops

04/2014 BZZZ International Sound Art Festival 2014, Harplinge, Sweden

"It Will Never End Honey Bee" by Maciej Baczyk
"Bittersweet Rhythms" by Maciej Baczyk & Aga Jarzab
Excerpts from festival
Bittersweet Rhythms